Pavel P. Serikov

Short CV

Birth: 06.12.1991 (29 years old)

Born at Rostov-on-Don, currently living St.Petersburg

From 2018 I’m working as self employed full stack web developer and data scientist

Contribute for such companies as 220Volt, Litres, OTRS


Perl (Moose, Moo, Plack, Any::Event, DBI, DBI::Log, DBIx::Class, SQL::Abstract, XML::LibXML, Mojolicious, Catalyst, LWP::UserAgent, Test::More)

Python (pandas, numpy, tensorflow, plotly/seaborn, Jupyter Notebook)

Javascript (JQuery, AngularJS, NodeJS, Leaflet.js)

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite

WebRTC, WebSockets, WebGL


Redis, Memcached, BerkeleyDB


DevOps - Linux, Bash, Docker, Git, Github Pages

Own ready-to-use modules and scripts for various APIs - Google, Yandex, Tinkoff Business, SBIS, Aviasales, Rosreestr

Owner of two DIY workshops, co-founder of Fabmarket LLC company

Driver licence B category since 2011

Crew member of EOS sail

Love DIY, StandUp, volleyball, cycling